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Why an Algae Covered Patio is a Major Health Concern to Your Family

Home Cleaning Services are important, everyone enjoys coming home to a tidy house where they can unwind from the day. But what about your outdoor living areas? The indoors seems to take most of the focus, but the outdoors are just as important and can create a much larger problem if not properly taken care of.

A Clean Patio is a Problem Free Patio

During late Autumn, after the leaves have fallen off the trees and the rain down pours, patios, driveways, and sideways can become an issue at best and a danger at worst.

Patios can become incredibly slick with moisture present; this can cause a huge problem for visitors and your family. Have you seen green spots of mold growing on the patio? Does it have a green, brown, or black tint? This can create a hazardous environment that can lead to slips and falls. Per year, there are over 2 million injuries related to slick outdoor recreation areas! Mold, leaf debris and algae are extremely slippery when wet and because these plants thrive on water, they can hold moisture for days even after a rain and still remain slick. Whether you have new or old Patios Cleaning Services can make sure everyone stays safe.

If you’re like most of us, there is little time to power wash the sidewalk before heading off to work for the day. No matter what type of Sidewalks Cleaning Services are available, be it brick, concrete, or stone. You can keep your family, neighbors and mail delivery person happy and not have to worry about buying or renting a power washing machine. Clean sidewalks equals safety, without the worry of having a family member taking a fall due to slick algae. It also means better curb appeal and more hopscotch for the kids!

Reap the Rewards of a Clean Outdoor Space

Seasonally maintaining these outdoor features can create better air quality due to less mold spores in the air and can drastically change the scent of your outdoor recreation areas. Mold and algae tend to generate a musky odor that is worse after it rains.

Did you know that slips and falls due to algae build up can lead to a lawsuit? Check out the 12.2 million dollar lawsuit when a woman slipped and fell outside of a convenient store in Virginia. An outdoor Maid Cleaning Service can help prevent any surprises!

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